The Tribe of Waterfrost Book One: Moonlight is the first book written of all The Books, though it is not the first one to take place in The Timeline.

Characters Edit

Basic Plot Edit

Water and Fire get separated, and, without any knowledge of where each other is, they go off alone. Water finds Leaf, and later Cotton. They are all attacked by a fox, and Water has to go get herbs for Leaf's leg. This is how he meets Running Leaves. The group meets Scratching Claw when he attacks them on one of their first nights in the forest. After picking up Lightning and Wind, they start looking for a place to make camp. After several nights of travel, they finally arrive at The River, where they find The Camp.

Detailed Summary Edit

In the first chapter, Water is seen with Fire, and has just woken up. Their parents are gone, and they set out to look for them, but find nothing. When they get back, they go to sleep, but Water notices that Fire seems to be hiding something. When he wakes up, Fire is gone. After waiting a few days, Water decides to set out to The Mountains, looking for help. There, he finds Leaf's den and sleeps in it, waking to find Leaf hovering above him.