These are the basic rules for editing this wiki. If you break one, depending on it's severity, you could get banned.

The DO's

  • Add content that you know is absolutely true
  • Make grammar changes
  • Add pages to correct categories
  • Consult Lokilog or Tybug2 before making a major change to important pages (Any guideline page, for instance)

The DONT's

  • Ban people without probable cause or put an unjust ban time. Either of these could get you removed from Admin. (because you have to be an Admin or higher to ban)
  • Delete a page without permission. If you feel that a page should be deleted, read up on the Process for Deletion of a page and make a deletion request.
  • Change the Main Page (you shouldn't be able to do this anyway, since it's protected)
  • Change any page in the Wiki Guidelines Category without asking an Admin about the change. If a change is approved by an Admin, then go ahead.